38th and WICK Skirt {Review}

Hey guys!

It feels like ages since I’ve posted! With all of the family craziness surrounding Christmas, I didn’t have much time to put together a post of any sort, but today I’ve got something pretty cool to share with you!

38th & WICK 

wickskirt1One of my friends from school, Liz, is the co-founder of 38th & WICK, a clothing startup which has created the “No Stress Black Dress”. After having heard all of the hype flow throughout campus, I was very excited to get my hands on 38th & WICK’s “TJ” skirt to test out myself.

Dinner party outfit

I was able to wear the skirt for a couple different dinner parties this holiday season, and received a lot of compliments, especially when I showed them all of its sweet features!

38th & WICK’s website boasts the following:

  • High performance, stretchy fabric

“High performance, four-way stretch outer fabric is moisture wicking and heavier than our other fabrics for a more luxurious feel”

IMG_6008I loved the comfortable feel of the skirt- I almost felt like I could go play squash in it! (Which technically, I could, since the fabric is moisture-wicking!). The skirt was super stretchy, which was absolutely crucial for the infamous post-dinner full belly syndrome.

  • Built in spandex shorts

“Lightweight, breathable built-in shorts provide maximum coverage and smooth out VPL”

I personally loved the built in shorts. It made me feel like I was fully covered, and they were super comfortable to boot!

  • Pocket for Phone/ID/Keys

“Phone, keys, ID, or cards easily slip into the subtle yet roomy waistband pocket”

IMG_5985If you’re not a fan of carrying on to your purse when you go out at night (seriously, who wants to dance with a bag?!), you will love this feature of “The TJ” skirt. You could comfortably hide a lipstick, keys, earrings, or other personal items in this subtle pocket for safekeeping.

Oh hello there!

Overall, the TJ skirt was a huge hit amongst my friends and family. I especially loved how the skirt could be dressed up or down, for either a casual or professional look. (Please excuse my “modelling”… if you can even call it that)

One night I paired the skirt with a simple t-shirt sweater, black blazer, and chunk necklace for a professional-esque look. This outfit also looks great with black tights!


IMG_5967I also really liked how the skirt was long enough. Since I’m fairly all (about 5 ft 9), most skirts and dresses appear pretty short on me. I’ve learned to deal with it, and now accept it, but it’s nice having a skirt which is long enough such that I don’t have to constantly pull it down to hide my derriere.

Bum = very covered!

The size I am wearing in the pictures is a medium, and if I were to own one for myself, I would probably choose a large. While the medium size fit my waist properly and was a good length, it didn’t quite give enough room for my squash-butt. (For those of you that didn’t quite catch that reference- squash players tend to develop “squash butts” from all the lunging that is involved). Therefore, in order to accommodate for this, I would probably go up a size.

38th & WICK Special Offer!

Now, I have an exciting announcement! Until the end of the month, 38th and WICK is offering 20% off on their orders! Check out their website (38thandwick.com) to learn more about their other products, all of which are other moisture-wicking, comfortable, and high-quality party-wear!

If you guys have any questions for me about the skirt, feel free to comment below, send me an email (squashonsquashblog@gmail.com). If you have any questions for 38th & WICK, feel free to send them an email at ask@38thandwick.com), or by using this form.


Have you ever heard of 38th & WICK? 

What do you look for in going-out attire?

What features of “The TJ” skirt would you appreciate?



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