Biking in the rain = Substitute for a shower?

As you can tell from the title of this post, I had a rather damp ride on my bike today. Luckily, it was on the way home from the squash club, not on the way there!

Anywho lots of fun and yummy things to report on, so let’s start from the beginning!

Woke up at 7:45 am and groggily put together my current go-to breakfast: frozen banana, yogurt, chia seeds, and peanut butter.


Image 9
da breakfast bowl

I am absolutely loving frozen bananas lately. And by lately, I mean the past 2 years maybe? I used to just use them in banana bread and smoothies, but soon realized that they are so much creamier than non-frozen bananas! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to normal bananas.

As I ate my breakfast, I downloaded a few new songs to modify one of my spin playlists for this morning’s 9:15 am class at the squash club. I love how just a couple new songs can amp up an old playlist, and make you excited for a workout!

New songs that were added to today’s playlist were Red Shag Carpet by Current Swell (an indie-type local band from Victoria!!), You and I by Anjulie, and Love Runs Out by OneRepublic.

I always find Saturday morning spin classes are hard, but two things today (besides my breakfast) helped me get through it: 1)I biked down to the club, so by the time I got there my mind and body were ready to go, and 2) I was teaching today! Still, the workout that we completed this morning was a doozie:

  • 6ish minute warm-up
  • 5x 80/90/100 (:30 @ 80% effort, :30 @ 90%, :30 @ 100, :30 second break)
  • 3x (2:00 @ 90%, 1:00 break, 1:00 @ 100%, 1:00 break) ← This one was so hard!!!
  • A few sets of (:30 @ 85%, :15 @ 90%, :15 @ 95%, :15 Sprint against resistance)
  • Group sprints of :15 (Front row vs back row), when not sprinting, 80% out of the saddle with the beat
  • Cool down

After a couple stretches, I made a quick wardrobe change into dry and clean clothes, and headed to the courts to play squash! I played for about an hour and a half, and was really fading towards the end. My body needed a break and food. Enter…Parsonage Cafe!!!

I ordered the same thing as yesterday: Lox and Cream Cheese sandwich on toasted whole wheat, and an Americano


Sandwich goodness
Sandwich goodness
Image 8
Much needed coffee

I was pretty dehydrated, so along with my Americano I polished off an entire bottle of water. (Instead of jugs, the Parsonage supplies these cute glass bottles, which goes perfectly with their rustic, hipster theme!)

Image 11

I also had a few bites of my mom’s buttermilk blueberry muffin, which was d-e-l-icious.

Image 7
Blueberry muffin minus a few bites I’d already stolen

My mom and I sat and chatted for about an hour before I headed back over to the club to play another game against my friend, Murray. I thought I’d be dead on court after my busy morning, but my food and chill-time rejuvenated me and we had a really fun time!

The next part isn’t so fun.

I biked home in the rain.

But, I survived, took an actual shower, and now my butt is happily planted on the couch and I don’t foresee it moving anywhere until dinner time!


Squash (the sport) and Curry (the food)!

One of my favourite things about being home is that I’m able to bike to and from the squash club, without it being too strenuous. If I bike along the highway, it’s a relatively flat 10km route that takes me anywhere from 20-25 minutes. It wakes up both my mind and my body so that by the time I’m at the club, I’m ready to play!

However, biking along busy main roads has made me increasingly aware of traffic and (somewhat) reckless drivers. In the past week I’ve noticed way too many drivers speeding up instead of slowing down when the light turns yellow! I’m on my bike, about to start pedalling because my light has turned green, and there are still a couple straggling cars speeding through the intersection! Gahhh! If I had superhero Dash Incredible abilities I would most definitely go catch and report those license plates, but sadly I don’t.

OK my ranting is over! On to fun things!

Today I spent most of my day (noon-6:30) at the squash club. I played with my coach, Chris, for about half an hour, before doing some drills with 2 junior girls for a couple hours. After that, I was more than ready for a break, and some food! 🙂

I went across the street to the Parsonage Cafe, an award-winning coffee shop and cute restaurant with amazing unique, and delicious food. The food at the Parsonage is hearty, yet fresh, and is hands-down one of my favourite restaurants in Victoria.

The Reuben @ the Parsonage

I forgot my camera at the club, so wasn’t able to snap a picture of my Lox and Cream Cheese sandwich, but it looked (and tasted!) even more delicious than the Reuben shown above.

And of course, I had to order an Americano to go with it 🙂

fernwood coffee
Yummy Parsonage coffee

After enjoying my sandwich and coffee (which was VERY welcomed by my stomach), I went back to the squash club to play with my friend, Lindsay for about 40 minutes. Afterwards, she did a spin by herself, and I kept her company by completing the following core workout:

  • 3×15 Exchanges with swiss ball
  • 3×10 Pushups (with legs raised on a bench)
  • 2×15 Front crunches on swiss ball (back on swiss ball, feet propped on wall at a 90 degree angle)
  • 2×10 Side crunches on swiss ball (same as above, but to each side)
  • 2×10 V-ups
  • 2×12 Windshield wipers with swiss ball
  • 1×25 Bicycle crunches
  • 1×40 Russian twists with 8-pound medicine ball

My abs were feelin’ it after that one! Lindsay and I proceeded to “celebrate” our workout by having an impromptu dance party by ourselves in the weight room. Trust me, we’ve got some great moves 😉

By this time, I’d been at the squash club for approximately 6 hours, and decided it was probably time to hop on my bike and ride home. As soon as I walked in the door, I smelled dinner. Tonight, we had…curry!!!

Image 5
My plate
Image 6
Curry curry curry

We enjoyed 3 different kinds of curry:

  • Curry with Paneer (bottom left)
  • Lentil daal (top left)
  • Same curry sauce as the Paneer, but with white salmon instead of the Paneer (top right)

I forgot how tasty and filling curry is! This dinner is sitting in my stomach like a rock right now. (A happy rock 🙂 ). To be honest, I liked the white salmon, but not combined with the curry. To me, fish + curry do not mix. Now, curry and prawns…that’s a different story ;).

My parents aren’t huge white salmon fans (we’re pretty spoiled on the west coast with flavourful sockeye), but theres a bunch of it in the freezer that needs to be used up. I’ve been thinking about what I can do to make the white salmon a little more “interesting”, and I’ve got an idea or two, so look for a recipe in the near future!

Time to go find a movie to watch on Netflix! Happy Friday everyone!


First Post!!

Hey hey, and welcome to the first post of Squash on Squash!


First things first: what on Earth is behind the name “Squash on Squash”?! 

  1. I play squash (the sport). And I love it.


         2. Ironically, I also often eat squash (the vegetable). And I love it too.


(Fun fact (?): There are two types of squash, winter and summer. Winter squash is ma fave)

I’ve been thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle blog for a a couple years now, ever since I discovered a whole bunch of them during the spring of my Freshman year of college. So, after a couple years of religiously reading a few blogs (shoutout to Peanut Butter Fingers!), I’ve decided to give it a try!

For the most part, this blog will document my thoughts on fitness, food (watch for recipes!), and overall healthy living. Other things that are bound to pop up on the blog include: latest Pinterest obsessions, recent fashion fetishes, and random musings from my day.

See ya soon!