First Post!!

Hey hey, and welcome to the first post of Squash on Squash!


First things first: what on Earth is behind the name “Squash on Squash”?! 

  1. I play squash (the sport). And I love it.


         2. Ironically, I also often eat squash (the vegetable). And I love it too.


(Fun fact (?): There are two types of squash, winter and summer. Winter squash is ma fave)

I’ve been thinking about starting a healthy lifestyle blog for a a couple years now, ever since I discovered a whole bunch of them during the spring of my Freshman year of college. So, after a couple years of religiously reading a few blogs (shoutout to Peanut Butter Fingers!), I’ve decided to give it a try!

For the most part, this blog will document my thoughts on fitness, food (watch for recipes!), and overall healthy living. Other things that are bound to pop up on the blog include: latest Pinterest obsessions, recent fashion fetishes, and random musings from my day.

See ya soon!