Hello from Narnia… I mean Sarnia!

In the past couple weeks, whenever I would tell someone I was headed to Sarnia for a tournament, I’d almost always get a confused look in response. “Sarnia? ” they’d ask, and then make some reference to Narnia ( you know, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe).

Anyway, I made it to Sarnia, without much trouble. On Sunday morning I flew into Toronto, where Nikki picked me up and drove us both to Mayfair Lakeshore. She was competing in the final of the Ontario Closed championships at 3 pm, and once she won, watched the men’s final, and picked up a few snacks for the road, we were on our way! It took us a little over 3 hours to drive from Toronto to Sarnia, and by the time we arrived, it was dark and starting to snow. After meeting my billet, Ati, and another fellow competitor, Ali, I ate a bit of leftover pulled pork, and then called it a night.


My HRV was amber on Sunday, and after a full day of traveling and a few days of training without rest, I wasn’t at all surprised to wake up on Monday morning a little tired. Nevertheless, I had to get a practice in, as the tournament matches are all being held on an all-glass court. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very cool and feels very professional, but takes some getting used to. We use a white single-dot ball instead of a black double dot (dot refers to the bounciness level of the ball), which means although it is more lively, the contrast between the ball and the wall isn’t as great, making it harder to see and react to.

I felt slow and slippery on court, which was troublesome, since I’ve been having some issues with my right ankle. I’ve injured it a few times in the past couple of months by slipping when taking a hard lunge into the front court. It’s not serious right now (knock on wood), but I am extremely cautious when playing on a court which is a bit dusty. (I am happy to report though, that today the court felt much better!).

After hitting, Ali and I returned to our billet’s to have some lunch and rest. I worked on a client’s program online, while watching a very girly and mindless movie, The DUFF. It was very corny and predictable, so I’m not recommending it, but made for some good background noise. Around 4 pm we headed back to the courts to watch a few of the qualifying matches. I watched squash for about %50 of the time, and spent the rest catching up with people I met at this event last year. Everyone who is involved in the Simon Warder memorial tournament is so incredibly nice and generous, and I really enjoyed hearing news from the past year!


This morning, I had some Greek yogurt chia seed pudding for breakfast, along with about 4 cups of coffee (oops). I think that chia seeds are going to start making a regular appearance in my diet. They’re convenient to transport for tournaments, and give you a good amount of good fats, protein, and fibre. Chia seeds could be my new travel staple!

My first practice hit was from 10:20-11 am, which wasn’t great, but I felt a bit faster than yesterday. However, I was still having trouble seeing the ball off the front wall. Not good! I stuck around for a little bit afterwards, hoping someone would need a partner to hit with, so I could spend some more time practicing. One of the English girls, Jasmine, didn’t have anyone to hit with, so I was happy to jump on with her around 1 pm. Physically I felt a bit better, but my shots were pretty bad! Hopefully I’ll shape up a bit better tomorrow morning.

Alright, that’s the latest from me! I don’t usually have the opportunity to chill for a couple hours in the middle of the day, so I took advantage and thought I’d blog! I’m just hanging out for a bit longer at home before going back to the club to watch some more matches. There should be some close ones! If you’re interested in watching online, check out the Youtube live stream here.



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