Calgary CFO Consulting Services Open + A Trip Back Home

A resolution for next season: get better about tournament recaps! Although it’s been over a month now since the tournament in Calgary, I can still remember my matches and time there quite vividly. (It definitely also helps to take pictures to serve as little reminders!).

Two days after returning to NYC from Bermuda, I flew off to the other side of the continent for the CFO Consulting Services Open. I always look forward to playing in Calgary because they put on a great event, and I get to see friends from junior squash. (Shoutout: Thank you to all the sponsors, volunteers, and of course, Glenn Stark for putting on the tournament! You guys do a fantastic job every year, and make the event very special- especially for us Canadians!)

This year I stayed with friend and Canadian teammate, Danielle. I’ve stayed with her a couple times before, and we always have a good time. (I think the first time I stayed with Danielle was for a tournament in Grade 10!).

Breakfast by D!

Match vs Nouran El Torky

I had a bye first round, and drew an Egyptian, Nouran El Torky for a spot in the main draw. As the first seeded qualifier, I was technically “expected” to make it into the main draw, but it is not uncommon to have underrated players come through qualifying and beat the odds. My opponent was definitely one of those cases.

I went into the match with a neutral and relaxed mindset. I knew if I lost, that I could opt not to take the ranking points and it wouldn’t hurt my rating, which alleviated some pressure. Instead, I made my goal to just play and not worry about the outcome.

This “gameplan” (which was more of a mindset), worked surprisingly well. The score was like background noise- I knew it was there, but it didn’t have much bearing on my play. Even when the games went to a tie-break, I still felt calm. I actually found myself wondering if I was too relaxed, and was too indifferent about the score. As much as possible, I tried to let those thoughts pass and not bother me. I was playing well, and avoiding confrontation with my opponent (she tends to get into it with the refs and there are always lots of calls), and just tried to keep doing the right thing tactically.

After losing a couple match balls in the fourth game, I eventually lost in a tiebreak in the fifth. It was a very long match (about 75 minutes), that was more mentally draining than it was physical. I can’t imagine how spent I would have been if I had been anxious or wound up during the match, as opposed to having a calm, relaxed mindset.

Injury + Victoria

Unfortunately, my body found the match to be more difficult than I realized, because immediately following the very last point, I threw my back out. It wasn’t any particular movement that hurt it, so my best guess is that the injury was a result of massive overuse and repetitive motion. In other words, lots of squash and lots of tournaments, without adequate training and rest.

The pain was so bad that I couldn’t bend down to take my shoes off or put my pants on without holding on to something or compensating in some way. I even took some pain killers for the next few days to help the pain subside.

I flew home to Victoria the following afternoon for a little visit with friends and family. Before the whole back injury episode, I was hoping to get some really good training in. However, as the weekend progressed, it became increasingly clear to me that I needed to make rehab the central focus. Massages/rolling, mobility, and contrast therapy became my best friends for a few days, as I literally could not function if I didn’t do some sort of rehab every couple of hours. My back was tiiiiiight!

On the plus side, I got to see some old friends! Danielle, Lindsay, and I have known each other since Kindergarten (almost 20 years!), and I’ve known Casey since middle school. We go way back!

Casey, me, Danielle, and Lindsay

I also convinced my mom to go on some walks with me to enjoy the sunshine. How beautiful is the Pacific Northwest?!

After an amazing few days at home, I flew off for my last two tournaments of the road trip: Regina, Saskatchewan, and Houston, Texas. More on that in another post!


A Knee Injury + WIAW

Hello hello, Party People! Can you believe it’s OCTOBER?!? I knowwww  that I said I was going to switch over to fall weather clothing soon, but I just don’t wanna do it yet. I’m gonna rock this Indian summer right to the end!

Tuesday Evening

After running a couple errands yesterday afternoon, I went to practice, only to spend half my time in the doctors office. I’ve been experiencing some discomfort and stiffness in my left knee, and although it doesn’t hurt, I saw on Sunday night that there was some swelling and that would be worth getting checked out. After some prodding around and the use of an ultrasound, the doctors think that I have a Baker’s cyst.


I’ve gotta say that I’m a little skeptical, because the swelling is more on the inside of the knee, rather than the back of it.

In any case, I’ve been told that to take the next couple of days kind of easy in the impact department, which means that I am swimming, yoga-ing, stretching, upper body lifting and soloing. It’s funny, in my mind I’ve already started thinking of when/where/how I can start incorporating the swimming and yoga into my schedule for the next week, but in reality, this issue could possibly subside within the next couple days. I think I just like planning workouts!


After my doctor’s appointment and solo hit, we had a team dinner at the dining hall!


I filled my plate with potatoes, broccoli, creamed spinach, beets, and a lot of steak. At first, I had about 1/4 of that amount of steak on my plate, because the dining hall staff would only serve me about two slices, even after I went back two minutes later to ask for more. I had to actually ask a teammate to go and ask to get some for me, since I was embarrassed and worried that they would get annoyed if I went a third time. What can I say? It was delicious!

IMG_4823I also went back for round 2 to get some more veggies and an apple.


Since I’ve been banished from high impact activity, this morning one of my fellow injured teammates and I went swimming! We got there right when the pool opened at 6:45 and swam for roughly 40 minutes. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to last that long, since it’s been months since I’ve done laps (usually I only swim if I’m training for a triathlon), but it ended up being okay, and I’m excited to go back!

This afternoon I’ll solo hit during practice, and then go to lift with the rest of the team. However, I’ll be scratching lower body work, so I’m planning on asking our trainer, Terry, for some core exercise to do instead. Sore abs tomorrow, baby!


Breakfast this morning was an egg white omelet with spinach, mushrooms, and onions, as well as some Chobani Pineapple Greek yogurt and half a grapefruit (unpictured). I completely forgot to take pictures of my food until after I had consumed it, so these oldie pics will have to do 🙂

Image 17

IMG_0027And now after having written this, I’m hungry again, so I think I’m going to go grab a little snack! Have a great rest of your Wednesday! Also, linking up with Jenn for WIAW!