A Week of Workouts: Training After 5 Straight Tournaments

After arriving home in NYC last Saturday, I was more than ready for both a bit of rest, but also some hard training. Competing and traveling is exhausting, and more often than not, I return home feeling a little less fit than before. I took Saturday off as a travel day, and Sunday as a rest day as well. My back was still hurting from an injury I sustained in Calgary (turns out playing two more tournaments injured doesn’t help!), so I planned to focus on off-court strength and conditioning, and try to limit my on-court training.

(I didn’t include any on-court/off-court coaching in the list below)


AM: 60 min squash with Tarun. We mostly did games and some pressure drills. I had a pretty hard time moving to the front, thanks to my back.

PM: Modified strength workout at Body Space, followed by a 20 minute steady state treadmill run. My back felt much better during and after the workout, compared to squash in the morning.


AM: 60 min squash with Will. This session was very similar in quality to yesterday- slow and flat. It didn’t help that I slept really poorly Monday night (I woke up at 3:15 am and couldn’t get back to sleep). After discussing with Will, he agreed it would be best for me to take a few days off from on-court training completely, to let both my mind and my back recover.

PM: Given my restless night, I wasn’t feeling up to any sort of workout, but managed to get myself moving for a medium intensity circuit workout. I felt 100 times better afterwards!


AM: 45 minute spin at Flywheel. Thanks to my self-imposed cardio pledge and 3 classes that are about to expire, I signed up for a 10:30 am spin class. It was the first class I’d taken in a while, (and a new instructor) and it felt pretty good!

PM: League match for NY Pro league. I played Reyna Pacheco, and we played 3 good games. My back and movement felt better than the previous week!


AM: Another 45 minute spin class, this time with master instructor, Kate Hickl! It was really tough, and she made us crank up the resistance more than the day instructor the day before. I couldn’t help but compare myself to some of the other riders on the Torq board, but tried to just let it go. I get enough competition in my day-to-day life!

PM: Lifting session at Body Space. My body felt much better than Monday’s lift, and I was able to do a lot of movements without pain or restrictions. Such a relief! Still, I had a physical therapy session scheduled at BASE, so I got Shawn, one of the therapists to check out my back. He worked on it, and also gave me some mobility drills to do, mostly for my upper back.


AM: Had a slow morning, blogging, responding to emails, etc. It was much needed!

PM: Around 2 pm I went to Body Space for a workout. Fran put me through a power/agility/speed cardio circuit, which I posted on Instagram. I wrapped it up with some Air Dyne intervals and core work. It was nice to only do one workout Friday. I’d pushed hard the couple days before, and wanted to be able to finish strong on Saturday!


AM: The morning started out with 45 minutes of squash with Tarun at 11:30 am. We did pressure sessions interspersed with normal games to 7. After a short break, Will, Tarun, and I put a couple spin bikes together at the PCNY’s “studio” and I put on a Sufferfest cycling training video for us to follow. More on this later, but in high school and throughout college I would follow these online cycling videos for cross-training, and I cannot emphasize how punishing they are. It is called sufferfest for a reason!

PM: Although my legs were tired from the morning, I met up with Fran at Body Space around 3:30 pm to do some more off-court work. We were both pretty shot, and ended up doing a “movement” day. I ended up programming the workout, and included some sled work as well as sandbags. After about 40 minutes of focused but fatigued training, we called it quits.

All in all I’d say it was a pretty successful week. I trained really hard but didn’t experience any low-HRV days, which I found to be remarkable!