Baking, NYC Marathon, and a Headband

This weekend went by very quickly. After a hard week of training, I was prepared to take the weekend off of training if necessary, and I did just that. However, I didn’t spend the entire weekend resting, as I spent Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday coaching. I’ve recently started loading up my Sundays with lessons and clinics, which I’ve started to enjoy as it gives me the flexibility to focus on training and work a bit less during the weekdays.

Despite a lack of training, there were some fun and exciting things that happened, so today’s post is going to be a little catch-up of my weekend!

Baking Muffins

Friday night I wasn’t in the mood to do much other than bake and chill out. I made two batches of grainless (almond flour) zucchini banana muffins.

With some chocolate chips, of course!

I have nearly perfected my recipe now, which is turning into a bad thing, since it means I can easily put away 6 muffins in one sitting and feel absolutely fine. Granted, they’re lighter than normal muffins and healthy (no sugar/syrup), but still… it’s Monday and one batch is already entirely gone. I’m obsessed!

NYC Marathon

Yesterday, some of my friends and I went to Clinton Hill (Brooklyn), to watch some of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon. Apparently, it’s the largest marathon in the world, attracting ~50 000 participants!

Todd held a little “marathon party” at his place starting around 9:30 am, where we made signs to cheer on our (few) marathon-ing friends. It was so fun to get together and track the athletes online, while thinking of punny sayings for our posters.

Around 11:15 am we headed out to cheer on the runners. Although I’ve now lived through 3 NYC marathons, this is the first one I’ve ever witnessed. Part of me wished I was running it, and the rest of me wished I could travel to different spots in the city and watch it all day long! My friends and I had a blast cheering on friends and also random people. Tip: if you ever run a marathon, write your name on your shirt so that strangers on the sidelines can cheer for you by name!

Halo Headbands

For the past year, I’ve been struggling with my hair up-do for squash. I’ve got a lot of hair which I need to keep out of my face, and the simple ponytail doesn’t quite work anymore. My hair is too long, and a ponytail will whip me in the face if I turn suddenly (which happens a lot in squash!).

After a lot of experimenting, I’ve finally found a way to secure my hair in a bun, which doesn’t annoy me or fall out mid-match. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to tame the little fly-away pieces of hair around the fringe of my face. Previously, cloth headbands/sweatbands have never, ever stayed on my head (I have a weird shaped head, it seems), so bobby pins, barrettes, and plastic headbands litter my bags and pockets.

White, Blue, and Black Halo Tie-headbands

Lately, the bobby pins haven’t been cutting it. My fly-away situation has gotten out of control, so I decided to try out a couple of cloth headbands I’d received for free as a sample. They worked out pretty well, so I expanded my horizons.  I stumbled upon Halo Headbands on Amazon, and after doing some research online and talking to a friend who is a loyal Halo user, I was sold! I bought a couple on sale on Amazon, and tried it out in practice this morning. Practice didn’t go so well, but I was relieved that the headband stayed put, and I had no issues with it.


As I was about to book my flight home from London for the beginning of next month, I logged on to the PSA website to look up some of the tournaments. Last time I’d checked, I was a reserve for the 25k in Monte Carlo, Monaco, immediately following the London tournament. Looks like some people pulled out, because when I looked at the entry list, I had magically been bumped up to #5 in Qualifying! I’m pretty excited, as not only do I get to go visit Monte Carlo, but now I will be traveling to Europe for two tournaments, not solely the London event.

That’s it for now! Time to go coach, before heading home for the evening.

Back to School, Back to Parties!

Hi guys! How was your weekend?! Mine was a ton of fun but I think I’m ready to get back to a lower-key routine… at least for a few days ;).

It’s safe to say that I finally wrapped up summer this weekend, in the best possible ways: PARTIES!!

Superman being carried in to give Alex a celebratory drink of champagne

The start of school always brings a lot of parties. Most are your typical college parties, but there’s always a couple that are special and have standout themes. This weekend happened to have two of these parties, one on Friday night, and one on Sunday!

Friday Night: “A” Themed Birthday Party in NYC

On Friday night, I headed to New York City to celebrate my friend, Alex’s birthday. The theme? Dress as something starting with the letter “A”! I had originally planned to go as Athena, the Greek goddess, but this plan quickly fell through as I was unable to attach the garland of ivy leaves to my head. (I should mention that I spent a good 10 minutes outside one of the buildings on campus looking for the “perfect” strand of ivy. Yep, I most definitely got a lot of weird looks for resembling a nature nerd.)

Instead, I managed to find a halo, and “magically” transformed into an angel for the night!


The party was fantastic, and absolutely everything as on point, from the food to the staff, who were dressed up in costume as well!

One of the staff, dressed as an angel

Although all of the food was fantastic, I found that the appetizers stole the show. My particular favourites were the tuna tartare and the mini grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Later on when dinner was being served, I actually went back to scrounge for leftover appetizers, but sadly they had all been taken away.

The lighting was very dim, which made for some questionable food pictures, but I did manage to snag a couple. Everyone I talked to (regarding the appetizers) agreed that the tuna tartare was out of this world. I probably could have polished off the whole tray by myself, but I decided to be nice and leave some for the other guests ;).


It was tender and flavourful, and I really wish I had access to it more often!

Dinner was served buffet-style, and although I wasn’t super hungry by this point, I knew that I should probably put something a little more substantial in my stomach besides the appetizers I had consumed earlier.


I filled my plate with caesar salad, chicken, and potatoes, and also snagged some gnocchi off of Todd’s plate.

I could talk forever about the amazing night filled with chocolate mousse, dancing, and “A themed” costumes, but I honestly don’t know if words could do it justice! All of the guests, myself included, had an epic evening, and I am so glad that we were all there to celebrate Alex’s birthday in such style.

Angel and….Angel-athlete?!

Sunday: Lawnparties

Princeton has two University-sponsored parties each year, one in the fall and one in the spring, called “Lawnparties”. In a nutshell, it’s a day party that is held on the lawns of the Eating Clubs, and bands perform. Oh, and one other thing: everyone wears their absolute preppiest, brightly coloured outfit that they own, for a day of dancing in the sun to bands.


In the past, some pretty big names have performed at Lawnparties, such as Far East Movement, , B.o.B, Third Eye Blind, and Edward Sharpe. Rihanna and Maroon 5 even came back in the day!

I actually didn’t even make it to day’s main act, Schoolboy Q, because I was just too tired but that point, but I did make sure to see Jojo earlier on!


Remember Jojo? Aka, singer of “Leave (Get out)”…


and “Too Little Too Late”?


I was transported right back to middle school for some sweet R&B jammin’ and I loved it.


I spent the rest of my time singing and dancing with cover bands at the various clubs, and just hanging out and catching up with friends I had missed over the summer.





Food was just way too weird this weekend. I grabbed dinner from the dining hall on Saturday night, and although the food was okay, the lighting was abysmal and it wasn’t too special to report anyways.

I warn you, it’s about to get reallllly random up in here in the food department. My “highlights” from the weekend are snacky and delicious, but by no means balanced. Hey, it happens!

Chia Pop popcorn:




this healthy chocolate milkshake (recipe to come TOMORROW!)…



And Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter!


News: Tomorrow

Also, be sure to check back and read tomorrow, as I’ve got a few exciting things to share with you:

  • a giveaway
  • a recipe
  • a review of a delicious product

Have a great rest of your Monday!


What were some highlights from your weekend?

When/what was the last dress up party you went to?


A Not So Off-Day

I have always loved weekends. Ever since I was a kid, I looked forward to Saturday soccer games, sleepovers with my friends, and no school! Although I no longer play soccer, no longer have slumber parties, and have endless homework to do, weekends are still a welcome change of pace from the busy weekdays.

At home in Victoria, I almost always follow the exact same weekend routine:


  • 9 am: Spin at the squash club
  • 10:30 am – 11:30 am: Squash training on-court
  • 11:45- 12:30 ish: grab a bite to eat at the Parsonage Cafe with my mom
  • And if my mom and I are feeling energetic… Shopping in the afternoon!

Yesterday, I had a very similar day to the “usual routine”, except I played more squash, and didn’t go shopping. Oh well, better for the body, and better for the credit card, right?

I really love Saturday’s because I get my weekend started off on a healthy and active note, and have the rest of the day free to enjoy the outdoors, see friends, or just relax.

Sunday’s tend to be a bit different:

  • Wake up whenever
  • Eat
  • Rest if I feel like it
  • Work out if I feel like it


For me, Sunday’s are a “mentally physically off-day”. I try to plan my workouts such that I take Sunday as a rest day, but sometimes  that doesn’t happen. Sometimes it doesn’t even end up being a light day.

However, I do have one rule: Whatever workout I choose to do on Sunday, it has to be fun and I have to be looking forward to it. Although my body doesn’t always need a complete off-day every week, my mind usually does.

So today, after my chocolatey-peanut-buttery breakfast, I headed down to the squash club to do some training with Chris and Jason! We played for a little over an hour, and worked up a good sweat.

When I returned home, it was food time! I was dehydrated, which meant I was craving fruits and veggies. (And FroYo, but we didn’t have any on hand, soo…)

Veggies ready to go
Veggies ready to go

I ate my cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and red peppers with some hummus and goat cheese on the side!

Image 18


I threw it all in a bowl, and munched happily 🙂

Image 19
colourful bowl o’ veggies

I also had some dates and almonds (ate them too fast to snap a picture), and some cherries!

Image 16

Don’t have any huge plans tonight (yay for Sunday evenings!), except definitely some quality movie watching and maybe I’ll even muster some motivation to do my core workout.