Life Update: From NYC to Stamford

Happy Tuesday! My week is off to a pretty good start. Despite a late start to the day, I managed to get some training in yesterday and coaching in the evening. I’ve got a few minutes this morning before I head off to practice, so I figured I’d try and finish write the life update blog post which has been in the making for a while. Until my new visa and job had been confirmed, I thought it would be best to keep them off the blog, but now that everything has been finalized, and I’m in the clear!

As you may know, I was working as a personal trainer/fitness coach at Body Space Fitness for most of my time in New York City. I also coached squash out of the Princeton Club of NY, which is where I did nearly all of my on court training. A little while ago, I quit BSF, and began coaching/playing pro full time. (This is partly how I racked up 17 tournaments last season…!).

In January, my coach, and then-head coach at the Princeton Club, John Musto, was offered a job as the Director of Squash at Chelsea Piers CT, located in Stamford. Having worked with me at PCNY for a couple years, he was able to put in a good word for me at CPCT, and offered me a coaching job starting this summer. So, in July, once my new visa came through, I became a full-time employee of Chelsea Piers Connecticut! Since my apartment lease wasn’t up until August, I stayed with a very kind family in Greenwich during the weekdays, and went back to Brooklyn on the weekends. This cut down my commute a ton, and it also meant I got to bike to/from work! I’ll take 26k of cycling/day over 4 hours of commuting any day!

Once my lease finished up at the end of August, I moved up to Stamford. I’m currently living with two other squash pros who work in the area, and so far it’s going well. The suburbs are certainly much quieter than the city, but it’s nice to have more space to move around… and for less rent!

As for the work/training up here, it’s going to be a very productive setup. There are lots of training partners in the area, my coach is here, and Chelsea Piers is a world-class facility. There are 11 singles courts, 1 doubles court, an enormous gym, plus a billion other sports arenas (hockey, skating, gymnastics, soccer, tennis…). One day during summer camp we took the kids upstairs to play soccer on the indoor turf and I was in heaven. My favourite sports all under one roof!

While the city was very fun and exciting, Stamford will likely prove to have fewer distractions, which will be good for the pro athlete lifestyle. I am pretty responsible when it comes to no late nights/drinking during the season, but I think I’ll be much less tempted to go out in Stamford than in the city (for obvious reasons!). Furthermore, having all the Chelsea Piers facilities at my fingertips will cut out the commute time of to/from the gym/courts.


One of the highlights of the summer was my two week visit to BC in August. Part of the reason I went home was to “activate” my visa, but also to celebrate my moms birthday! While I was there I also played a local tournament, Sun and Surf, in Vancouver, which I used to play when I was a junior in BC.

I came up against very tough competition, as I played in the Men’s Open, but had a great time and realized there were a few things I still needed to really focus on and sharpen up before the season. The guys play consistently at a faster pace, and since I hadn’t done quite enough on court fitness training or full matches yet, I found it difficult to keep up while playing well. When I stopped trying to outhit them, and play instead play smarter, I found I did better (surprise, surprise), but it took me a couple games to get that idea through my skull.

Upcoming season

My first tournament, Nash Cup, is in a week and a half’s time, in London, Ontario. I don’t really feel I’m fully ready for the season/tournament play yet, but am going to go into the tournament prepared to use what I have. For the most part, I plan to train through tournaments this fall, and probably not compete quite as frequently I did least season (17 tournaments was too many). In having more training blocks, I’m hoping that I can focus more on the process, and that that will lead to results, general enjoyment, and less stress about outcomes!

That being said, I’m off to go bike to Chelsea Piers for some training!

My First Week as a NARP (Non-Athletic Real Person)


I can’t believe it’s been just over an entire week since I blogged last! It’s shameful, I know. But in my defense, this past week (and a bit) was absolutely filled to the brim with the following things:

  1. My last ever collegiate squash matches (last weekend)
  2. Resuming thesis (in a BIG way)
  3. Resuming class work
  4. Getting ready for midterms this week!

Part of me doesn’t even know how I’m writing this right now after having spent the past ~96 hours in complete thesis reading/writing mode. But time to take a break from that, so let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

1. College Squash Association Individual Championships

Last weekend, individuals were held here at Princeton! I was so incredibly excited to have them at home, and was even more ecstatic that our whole team and a bunch of friends came out to watch! To any of you guys reading this- thank you so much. I know that much of the reason I was able to play my heart out last weekend was thanks to all of your amazing support and cheering.

Let’s ignore the fact that this is merely a screenshot from instagram… (please bear with me!)


I actually ended up doing much better than expected in the tournament, coming in as the #11 seed, and grabbing a top 4 finish! My goal going in was to make it to the quarter finals, so I was pretty bewildered when I managed to get 3 better-than-expected wins to put me through to the semis.

And yes this was taken from snap chat. Thanks guys!!!!!


All thanks to the awesome cheering squad 😀

2. Resuming Thesis

I have spent much of the past 4 days in libraries working on my thesis. A few days ago, the 2 month mark hit me, and I knew that with squash season over, it was time to get cracking. Seriously. So, I’ve spent almost ALL day (except for some eating and workouts) in more or less the exact same seat, drinking insane amounts of coffee, and listening to the same 4 Kygo remixes over and over again.


Coffee and Kygo are going to have to get special shootouts in my thesis acknowledgments…they’re keeping me going!

3. Class

Not that I ever stopped going to class, but the week before midterms I figured you should probably make sure you are doing your absolute best to retain as much information as possible. All of that reading and intensive listening piles up!

4. Midterms (this week!)

Eeek! To be honest, since the past few days have been 100% consumed by thesis, I have barely had more than a moment to think about midterms. Fortunately I only have one project and one exam, but I need to make sure that I leave myself enough time to study for it.

Alrighty my time’s up here. This week look for a post on Greek yogurt, as well as a little personal piece on my experience as a female athlete. I’ve also got a post to write about Quest bars, which I’m hoping to do as soon as midterms are over! Oof!


What’s been consuming your life lately?